Core Values

Chartered Accountants Firm

The global business community is an increasingly dynamic and evolving world. There is a tremendous challenge for local business to excel and to prosper particularly in the professional services sector. At the same time, boundaries are breaking down giving way to a global business community. But in a world where change is constant, there are values that should stay and remain the same. The Firm has made is part of its philosophy to keep up with change buy at the same time, maintain good old values such as sterling, responsible and committed professional services at all times hence it has its CIRCLE IT core values.


We are committed to helping clients succeed and will proactively, assist our clients in growing and improving their business. Likewise, we are committed to developing our people. We encourage and support their involvement in activities aligned with their personal and professional goals.


As a chartered accountants firm, partners, managers, and team members shall bear the unassailable seal of integrity and are expected to abide by the Code of Ethics for Good Governance.


We foster the leadership style throughout the organisation which encourages respect for individual. We treat people with fairness and dignity and recognise their merit. Our respect for each other’s unique arrangement of skills talents, capabilities, and resources, make us a dynamic team – learning from and sharing with each other, communicating openly and celebrating our mutual and individual successes.

Client care and communication

The client is the focus of all our endeavours, We place a major emphasis on developing an extremely strong relationship with each of our clients through constant communication and coordination with them.

We also believe that open communication lines from among all team members from partners, managers, seniors, associate auditors and all administrative staff is vital to our operations as a professional service firm. Ultimately, our long term success depends on it.

Leadership and loyalty

We aim to gain recognition as high as a highly respected accounting firm in both local abd international business circles. As such, profitability and financial strength are essential to our success; they provide opportunities for growth and development.

Our loyalty to the oath that we have taken in the exercise of our profession is continuously upheld. Loyalty to the Firm and to the values that the Firm holds so dearly is also sustained.


Excellence is the yardstick by which we measure our performance. Exceptional quality pervades all our activities. For everyone at the Firm, pursuit of excellence is a journey never completed.


We realise the challenge for us to adapt to the ever changing business environment and its requirements. We believe innovation is the key to stay ahead in the 21st century. We need to be creative and proactive in making changes that will make our lives better and our works easier. We need to embrace change if it is done for the benefit of the common and greater good. We welcome technological advances as the means to help us improve our systems and procedures in accomplishing our goals and in the timely completion of our assignments. We are cooperative in welcoming changes for the betterment of our profession.


We all work as a team. We understand and appreciate the diversity of each team member’s strengths and potentials. Collectively, we act for the unity and efficiency of our team and harmonise our team members’ contributions to achieve our common goal.