Business Advisory & Accounting

Chartered Accountants Firm

Business Advisory & Accounting


Being a public accounting firm, it is only natural that this service be extended to its clients either on a full-time or part-time basis. The Firm not only writes up the books of its clients but also provides advice on accounting systems best suited to the clients’ business. This involves the setting up of an accounting system with the necessary internal controls with the main objective of achieving efficiency, accuracy and security. It is not the Firm’s policy to write up client’s books of accounts perpetually but rather until such time where it is economically feasible for the client to engage a full-time staff or if the service is so sought, to train the clients’ staff until they are competent enough to maintain full records of the clients’ accounts.



  • Design of systems
    • Financial accounting systems;
    • Management accounting systems; and  Administration systems, etc.
  • Business planning and appraisal
    • Company appraisals;
    • Organisation and corporate planning;
    • Management audit; and
    • Merger and acquisition studies, etc.
  • Finance
    • Financial controls;
    • Project evaluation;
    • Cost reduction planning; and
    • Profit improvement programmes, etc.
  • Others
    • Corporate planning and advice on capital restructuring;
    • Share valuation of unlisted companies; and
    • Accountant’s Report for inclusion in prospectuses.


Feasibility studies can be made on new projects, new product lines, new investments and an assessment made on prospects, desirable locations, taking into account not only marketing and purchasing requirements, but also fiscal considerations.